Free Software and Human Rights on the Internet

24 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


This workshop is planned to be second in a number of workshops on human rights on the Internet, organized by the academic community of the Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia). Free software is a very important issue in sphere of human rights protection online. This topic could potentially affect all the 3 levels of Internet Governance: supranational, national, and community level. Now the Internet could act as a major base of distribution of the free software. In this workshop we would like to consider different human rights related issues arising in sphere of free software distribution. Among others, they are: copyright issues, dangers and threats, i.e. viruses, spyware and malware and combatting them. Also, ethical and legal issues, questions of the regulation and policymaking on the national and supranational jurisdictions. The next question is multilingual software, software for inclusive environment and for persons with disabilities, soft-based accessibility rights.
Generally, the workshop could be addressed the Emerging Issues general theme, among other human rights-related topics of the IGF. Among more specific issues we could introduce themes like 1) changing copyright and licensing policies, 2) creating software for free distribution worldwide, 3) software and issue of filtering and blocking policies, 4) link between software and hardware regulation, 4) and other related issues.