Focus Session (Openness) - Human rights, freedom of expression and free flow of information on the Internet

24 October 2013 - A Main Session on Bali,Indonesia


This session will offer a multistakeholder overview of the current status of human rights, freedom of expression and free flow of information on the Internet. The interactive discussion will touch upon many of the key issues that will be discussed in related workshops prior to the session and will give all stakeholders an equal platform to address issues related to human rights and the Internet to find points of consensus, points of convergence and points of further action/research/referral to other institutions or actors if appropriate. 

Policy related questions that this session will address include:

1.    What are/have been the main themes at the nexus of the Internet and human rights in 2013? What have been the policy responses? What are the key strategies and actions for responding to these themes? 
2.    What is working well to promote human rights, freedom of expression and the free flow of information on the Internet? What are areas for concern?
3.    What HR standards can be applied in the digital environment?
4.    The HRC adopted a milestone resolution in 2012, in which governments agreed that the same HR apply online as offline (Res 20/8). Do all stakeholders agree with this core concept? What is the relevance of this resolution to Internet public policy making? What has been the impact of the revelations of wide-spread mass surveillance been on taking the implications of this resolution forward?
5.    How can all stakeholders, taking their different roles and responsibilities into account, respect, protect and promote human rights on the Internet nationally, regionally and globally?