Empowering Global Youth through Digital Citizenship

23 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


Where there is governance, there are citizens. So no Internet governance discussion is complete without discussion among the citizens about digital citizenship. This workshop continues a discussion that began at IGF Vilnius and follows our successful Baku workshop in which more than 30 participants spoke, nearly all of them youth.

The goal for the upcoming roundtable is to move from discussing the concept of being a good digital citizen to understanding how youth currently participate as digital citizens in their respective countries and what results they seek. We will uncover how youth use the Internet, mobile technologies and digital media. We’ll examine their role as users and citizens; hear the perspectives of those who are advancing digital citizenship  concepts; and understand the effectiveness  of the current online safety approaches. This workshop will  include a roundtable of participants interacting with participants both on-site and remote to ask and answer these critical questions:


  • Can digital citizenship scale effectively in emerging and developing countries?
  • How would the models be different or alike, and how do participants envision its uptake in their countries?
  • As a concept and a strategy, how does digital citizenship meet real challenges for both young users and the world in which they are growing up?
  • What is youth’s role in supporting and promoting digital citizenship, and what are the obstacles to exercising leadership?
  • What are the Internet Governance issues or questions that should be addressed going forward?
  • What are young people's approaches to developing a safe digital society that upholds participants' rights?
  • What are the most effective ways to teach and model good digital citizenship?
  • Are there digital citizenship programs currently in place in their countries for youth, parents, and teachers? If so, what are they like?
  • How do we move from “digital citizenship” as a concept to implementing good practices and education?
  • What are the roles of governments, industry, and civil society in this journey?
  • How can we reach the most disadvantaged youth in society (digital inclusion)?


Discussion facilitators will guide youth participants to share their regional experiences and expectations of industry, government and civil society to help make our digital society better for all.