E-participation in IG processes

24 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


The E-participation in IG processes workshop will focus on ways to improve full year-round participation and inclusion in regional and global IG processes. Although this workshop falls under Enhanced Cooperation, it supports both the Access and Inclusion, and Multi-stakeholder Principles and Practices thematic areas. The workshop will start by reviewing the current IGF RPWG draft of e-participation principles (see attached background document). We will then have 2-minute interventions from different discussants, who will present the most important strengths to emulate, and weaknesses to be addressed, in current e-participation practices. Focus will be on the year-round activities that support in situ meetings. The discussion will continue with a wider discussion with the option of breaking into two groups: one on principles, and one on practice, depending on audience interest.


The principles document will be open for editing online during the session, and an updated commented version will be produced.


As an example, the Dynamic Coalition on Access and Disability discussant will point out difficulties in putting theory into practice for persons with disabilities. Other invited discussants familiar with ICANN, ITU, WSIS-10, IGF and other IG processes will explain main advantages and disadvantages in their processes. A remote hub will present their experience of participating from a distance, and well-prepared remote presenters will explain what difficulties and strengths they find with their interventions. We will emphasize seamless examples of remote presentations, with backup recordings, to make sure we demonstrate how to adapt to possible glitches, which arise in every meeting.


The moderator (a MAG member) will ask each discussant to point out how year-round participation takes place, and will bring the threads together using the IGF and MAG remote planning process as an example of how this is done by email, mailing lists and remote meetings. This will help participants to understand the overall year round process that is necessary for IG to work, and will foster future participation in these processes by making more actors aware of the behind the scenes work that precedes the meetings.


Although relevant interruptions will be allowed during the discussants' points, the main workshop discussion will take place with questions and answers from workshop participants, in situ and remote, on equal footing. Diverse critical points will be aired. Strong moderation will ensure the discussion does not focus on only one aspect of RP, and will emphasise multifaceted, concise, dynamic brainstorming rather than an in-depth view of any one aspect of RP.


Follow-up will include incorporation of discussed ideas into the Remote Participation Principles draft, and publishing of a final draft for comment.