Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality

25 October 2013 - A Dynamic Coalition on Bali,Indonesia


“Network Neutrality” is an appealing and multifaceted expression which encompasses several areas and may give rise to misinterpretations. At its core, the notion of network-neutrality determines the extent to which Internet traffic management practices (TMP) may be regarded as legitimate, insofar as they do not qualify as discriminatory practices and they are consistent with the full enjoyment of human-rights. Yet, throughout the last decade, this polysemous formula has acquired different meanings, invading the province of telecommunications, content and security regulation. The Network Neutrality debate is gaining great political momentum. Indeed, many legislators are currently scrutinising the opportunity of elaborating and adopting legislation on network neutrality. In view of the confusion surrounding the various ways to approach this multi-faceted topic, it is today important to address the question of network neutrality through a multi-stakeholder approach. The purpose of this Dynamic Coalition is, therefore, to provide a discussion arena aimed at scrutinising the various nuances of the network-neutrality debate so as to ultimately contribute to the elaboration of best practices, policies and regulations. To do so, the Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality will provide a common platform involving a large variety of stakeholders in a joint analysis of the Network Neutrality debate. Beyond the website (http://networkneutrality.info) which will provide the basic information on the work done by the dynamic coalition (e.g. articles, publications or blog posts drafted by individual members of the coalition), a mailing list will allow all members of the coalition to discuss these issues in an open and interactive fashion. Furthermore, an annual report will also be produced to provide an overview on Net Neutrality tendencies, policies and draft legislations. This report will encompass a selection of articles and analyses on network neutrality and will be presented and discussed, during the meeting of the Dynamic Coalition. The goal of the Dynamic Coalition will be to educate, inform and disseminate information on current trends and policy developments as regard net neutrality regulation. Ultimately, the dynamic coalition will attempt to elaborate a “model framework” on network neutrality, which can be deemed as consistent with international-law standards