Digital rights protection in Europe and Latin America

24 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


The evolution of the multi stakeholder political debate on internet governance in Latin America and Europe has undoubtedly derived in increasing concern around preserving the open nature of the internet and defending it as a space for the full realization of human rights.  With this workshop we propose to explore how the understanding of the linkages between human rights and the Internet has evolved in both regions as well as the role of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders in promoting and protecting human rights online. This workshop aims to explore the current situation of human rights on the internet in a comparative perspective between both continents, identify the key trends and challenges and envisage future collaborative actions that respond to the particularities and specificities of each region.

We propose to discuss about current practices by governments and other stakeholders that limit or restrict rights and freedoms online, particularly:


•Blocking, control of content without due process

•Privacy and personal data protectionCyber security

•Increased pressure by governments to internet intermediaries to control and police the internet

•Radical implementation of copyright legislation and its impact on FoE and access to knowledge

•Net neutrality battles.

•New Free Trade Agreements

The discussion will also explore the mechanisms, instruments and measures to respect, protect and promote human rights online, as well as opportunities for collaboration among different actors and sectors. 

The goal of this workshop is to produce a meaningful dialogue between actors in two continents, to build a bridge between perspectives on issues we consider to be relevant from the point of view of the protection of digital rights.