Dangers to Internet Economy from Irresponsibility at Scale

24 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


There is a need to enhance multi-stakeholder cooperation for growth, innovation and human rights. The Internet is the backbone of global commerce yet there is a lack of accountability that has lead to "irresponsibility at scale". Policy makers need to be aware of current problems and how they compare to issues in other sectors where regulation exists, such as health, electricity, consumer rights and data protection. This will improve understanding of the potential impact of irresponsibility and why the behaviour must change.

The real world issues impacting the stability of the Internet will be explained, which in large part focus on the lack of cohesiveness to implement remedies in a collaborative manner. We intend to briefly survey the initiatives that exist today in the private sector, government sector and civil society and then work toward an answer to the operative question: how can the Internet's many stakeholders work together to manage public safety without sacrificing either innovation or growth.