Country Code Top Level Domain as a Supreme Gateway for Local Content Development

21 October 2013 - A Pre-event on Bali,Indonesia


Internet content today is still dominated by English language, and it becomes a hindrance for non-English and non-Latin countries when they do not have enough local internet contents. While technology such as machine translation has shown its great contribution to enable more people to connect with each other, we can also identify that Internet organizations have introduced IDN (Internationalized Domain Names)-TLD and also gTLD that will also contribute to the expansion and enrichment of local content in a specific country or region. This workshop will draw together international bodies and ccTLD registries to discuss how ccTLD registries can promote ccTLD, IDN-TLD, and gTLD to significantly flourish local content development.

The workshop will:

Introduce the current work of international bodies (20 mins presentation each)

  • ICANN (VP Stakeholder Engagement ? Asia, Yu-Chuang Kuek)
  • APTLD (APTLD Chairman, Jonathan Shea)
  • ISOC (ISOC Regional Bureau Director for Asia Pacifoc, Rajnesh Singh)

Share experience of existing ccTLD regitries (20 mins presentation each)

  • Indonesia?s Experience (PANDI, Ifik Arifin ? PANDI Board)
  • China?s Experience (CNNIC, X)
  • Japan?s Exprerience (JPRS, Hito Hotta)

Discuss and explore ways to cooperate among relevant stakeholders (Panel Discussion)

  • Panels: all presenters from above session