Could OTT Enterprises and Telecom Operators be Win-Win?

24 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


Mobile Internet applications develop at an extraordinary rate in this coming mobile Internet era, especially the OTT services present the explosive growth. However, traditional telecom operators have begun to suffer the incredible pressure from OTT services, whose development has become a great challenge to traditional telecom services including SMS, voice and even international telephone services. To cope with the challenges, some operators intend to charge OTT service providers for their VoIP service, some even block or prevent this service from getting access to the network. 

The mobile age changes the competition environment of telecom operators. What telecom operators could do to grow revenue in the face of declining voice and SMS services, how to avoid being the “BitPipe” and how to achieve sustainable development for both sides, to compete or cooperate? Meanwhile, the OTT services still have much concerns as they could not live or run without the telecom network. In fact, it is worth pondering for both sides. Both of them need to think about is it possible to make their business and strategy innovation, and try to find a way to achieve win-win.

The workshop will invite multi-stakeholders to share and discuss the convergence and competition between OTT service providers and telecom operators. We look forward to all participants' new vision and insight could help to provide some reference to the sustainable development strategy of two sides that the user could be beneficial from.