Connecting Our Rights: Strategies for Progress

22 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


By 2013 over 10 different United Nations human rights mechanisms had focused on internet rights issues (women's human rights, civil and political rights, and human rights defenders). The workshop will assess these developments and the implications for global internet governance and public policy. The workshop will share and critically analyse strategies for effective monitoring of, and accountability for, internet rights violations. 
Internet rights issues have increasing profile in national, regional & global human rights mechanisms: * what new avenues for advocacy arise and how can these support good internet governance and public policy? * are there new best practices for internet governance public policy that are human rights compliant? * how can conflicting rights, such as women's rights, freedom of association and freedom of expression, best be balanced? * what new mechanisms are available to respond to internet relaed human rights and women's rights issues? * what are the emerging governance mechanisms for ensuring human rights on the internet?