Building Bridges to Online Multilingualism

24 October 2013 - A Workshop on Bali,Indonesia


Adopting the theme “Building Bridges”, the EURid-UNESCO workshop will discuss how online multilingualism can improve lives, including of those in remote communities, by applying multilingual policies at both global and local level. Broad multi-stakeholder cooperation is required to encourage sustainable development through proper economic, socio-cultural, technological and political growth. Stronger cooperation between key Internet stakeholders is essential for expanding online multilingualism.
Following the EURid-UNESCO report "IDNs, State of Play"(2011), and the 2012 World Report on IDN Deployment, the IDN World Report 2013 presents new evidence from an even broader selection of TLDs. Country case studies offer analysis of how IDNs are being used, including the IDN ccTLDs in China and South-East Asia. The workshop will explore how language barriers impact access to the Internet, and identify obstacles to greater uptake of IDNs.