Big Brother became reality - what is the right balance between security and freedom in the digital world?

21 October 2013 - A Pre-event on Bali,Indonesia


Today digitalized data allows for an extraordinary amount of surveillance – it has never been so easy to filter, sort and store information. The recently revealed state surveillance programs “PRISM” and “Tempora” have once again demonstrated the ever growing desire of states to push data collection and surveillance to its limits. They have also emphasized the different perspectives on security and privacy between states, even within the western world. We therefore urgently need an international public debate on what society is willing to accept regarding security measures and where we put our limits – how much information about people suspected of no threat to national security is a government allowed to collect? This panel will discuss which security requirements are necessary and how to find an acceptable balance with the right to privacy and data protection. This international debate is a prerequisite for establishing international rules on data protection and for the secret services.