6th Meeting of the Dynamic Coalition of Accessibility and Disability (DCAD)

25 October 2013 - A Dynamic Coalition on Bali,Indonesia


Meeting description: The goal of the face-to-face meeting of DCAD during IGF 2013 is to continue to work to ensure that ICT accessibility is included in discussions related to Internet governance, aiming to create a future in which all users have equivalent access to the opportunities presented by ICTs globally. The DCAD will continue to discuss how cooperation and collaboration with IGF can be improved and to alert IGF stakeholders of the importance of building a culture of accessibility awareness among the policy makers, regulators, standards developers, service providers and software and hardware manufacturers involved in telecommunications and ICTs. The DCAD meeting will also discuss how to continue to assist the IGF secretariat and other members of IGF, in making sure host countries conduct accessible meetings, in accessible premises, with accessible services for persons with disabilities, taking into account the improvements and the progress of the past years. DCAD will present an updated version of the DCAD Accessibility Guidelines for accessible meetings and to present that updated document at the main session on Access and Diversity. DCAD will review the accessibility arrangements made by the host country and the outcomes from the DCAD/BAPSI workshop (“Accessible Inclusion For All Abilities and All Ages, Access for Persons who fall between the cracks”). There will be an opportunity for any other business to accommodate DCAD members to address other issues not foreseen at this time.