The Internet of humans: online human behaviour and IG policy impacts

08 November 2012 - A Workshop on Baku,Azerbaijan


vIf IG and ICT policy are to be effective, we must cultivate a keen understanding of the ever-evolving human behaviours that accompany an Internet of individuals and communities; a human internet that shapes global society in ever more pervasive ways. This workshop is an intersection between research on emerging sociological and psychological trends in Global Human behavior on the Internet, and Internet Governance Policy and Practice. With the evolution of the Internet, there are ever increasing opportunities and challenges for empowered participation regarding issues of Privacy, Security, Freedom of Expression and Openness. Tacit behaviour of everyday users forms a “Net Etiquette” of expectations, roles, responsibilities and rights that surround participation. These individual and community online actions lead to macro-effects on “virtual” and “real world” spaces. Our (cyber)security, freedom and knowledge as a society do not depend on theoretical abstraction but on real world actions. This multi-stakeholder, global and interactive workshop will assemble leading research in sociology and psychology of the internet, social mediaphiles, policy practitioners, businesses, government, and youth to hold a fluid discussion with all stakeholders present to: - Discuss a range of research and perspectives in an attempt to demystify and unload the meanings that are embedded in concepts of Privacy, Trust, Freedom of Expression, Openness and Security; and - Apply the findings to ICT and IG Policy, and practice by considering: - measures that can be taken to ensure freedom of expression, access to knowledge and privacy for all stakeholders including Youth; - challenges encountered in protecting freedom of expression online Solutions to better empower citizen’s access to information and effective/empowered participation in digital age; - “Net Etiquette” and the roles, responsibilities and rights of users as they relate to openness, privacy and security. The workshop will rely on an interactive, dialogue based approach with a primary aim of inclusion. A concrete outcome of this workshop will be the creation a roadmap of next steps in furthering a research and evidence-based ICT and IG policy agenda.