The Emerging Language of Internet Diplomacy

09 November 2012 - A Other on Baku,Azerbaijan


How did the use of the most important Internet governance concepts  evolve in the IGF's language from the first IGF in 2006 to the sixth meeting in Nairobi in 2011? What word was most frequently at the IGF meetings to date? Who has been more talkative: men or women? Which countries were the most talkative? What does multistakeholderism look like through the IGF's language?

The answers to these and many other questions will be discussed during the session on The Emerging Language of Internet Diplomacy. This research project is made possible by verbatim reporting from the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) which provides a written record of discussions at the meetings from 2006 to 2011. It is a unique data reservoir for research on Internet diplomacy, linguistics, and cognitive science. The research team will also present the first results of the language used at the 2012 IGF in Baku. At the session, we will also discuss future research topics and the formation of a research consortium.

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