Strategies for expanding IXPs and other Internet/cloud infrastructure

06 November 2012 - A Workshop on Baku,Azerbaijan


Theme Question: 

Managing Critical Infrastructure Question 1: What is the role and importance of IXPs in localizing content, including ensuring easier connectivity in cases of disasters?

Concise Description of Workshop: 

Infrastructure investment and deployment is a prerequisite to enabling the social and economic benefits of the Internet and cloud services. This underlying infrastructure includes communications networks, DNS servers and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). While much progress has been made, there continue to be challenges in continuing the expansion of infrastructure in terms of reach and capabilities.
The workshop will explore infrastructure deployment from a range of perspectives and highlight successful case studies and strategies for expanding Internet and cloud infrastructure, with a particular focus on emerging markets.

Workshop Agenda

  1.  Overview of the progress that has been made in deploying IXPs and other Internet infrastructure worldwide, and discussision of the challenges and gaps that remain (e.g.,economic and technical barriers to continued infrastructure expansion). 
  2. Real-world experiences deploying IXPs in areas such as Kenya, Nigeria and Nepal, including lessons learned. We also will discuss APNIC experience expanding the availability of Anycast DNS servers.
  3. Technical, economic and policy strategies for promoting the deployment of Internet infrastructure and establishing a sustainable market.  Discussion will include demand-side strategies, such as local content creation and innovation hubs, as well as government policy strategies for promoting investment.
  4. Economic and social benefits of expanded infrastructure deployment. We will discuss lessons learned and potential challenges to maximizing the economic and social benefits of infrastructure deployment. 
  5. Internet governance implications and opportunities for greater global coordination and cooperation.  Discussion of how to build on the experiences of past success stories.
  6. Interactive discussion with the audience.