Remote participation: Reality and principles

09 November 2012 - A Workshop on Baku,Azerbaijan


The workshop will have 4 remote and one on site panelists who will give short interventions about the current reality and need of remote participation rather than remote observation, as these ideas and concepts tie in to the basic principles that should underlie remote participation strategies. Each presenter will focus on one of the principles highlighted as an outcome of WS 67 from the IGF 2011 Nairobi, and will include viewpoints of access and disability, remote participation, business, government, capacity building and youth in particular.

After hearing the panelists, participants (remote hubs, remote individuals, and those in the onsite 'remote hub' will discuss the application of the previous principles to the reality we face in implementing them in global meeting strategies. This demonstration of the utility of a completely online workshop will serve as an example for future conferences, and have a concrete output in progress towards a set of remote participation principles as well.

Remote moderation will be offered in Spanish, Portuguese, French and English to facilitate inclusion.

During the discussion, all participants will be encouraged to join in editing (live, online) the second iteration of the principles document. The workshop will result in a second iteration of Remote Participation principles, which will then be circulated for further comment. The 'Reality' of remote participation will be demonstrated in this wholly remote panel, with a 'remote hub' at the meeting venue. The 'Principles' will be discussed and improved for presentation and discussion as an outcome of the panel.


Introduction to E-participation Principles, emphasising e-participation as a tool for greater inclusion in global policy processes. (Raquel Gatto)
Welcome from the Baku panelist/hostess on site. (Ulkar Bayramova)
Panel presentations: Each panelist will offer a 5-minute presentation addressing one aspect of e-participation from the viewpoints of:
Fernando Botelho: persons with disabilities, private sector
Judy Okite: access, open software tools
Ulkar Bayramova: youth, LDC
Rodney Taylor: regional government organization
Biljana Glisovic: remote hubs
Audience interventions on main topic presented
Introduction to the E-principles document and methodology for collaboration
Two-minute interventions by panelists, commenting on a particular principle
Audience comments on principles
Online collaborative editing of the e-principles document will take place during the discussion
Summary and review of edited document.