Public Access in Libraries - DC PAL

08 November 2012 - A Dynamic Coalition on Baku,Azerbaijan


This will be the first meeting of DC-PAL, which was created as a result of discussions at the IGF 2011 workshop no 185 'Do policy makers understand the role of libraries in mobilising the Internet as a catalyst for development, innovation and freedom'. The main aims of this meeting will be to
- make the underlying statements and goals of DC-PAL known to a broader audience and debate their value in the context of all stake-holder groups
- actively recruit more supporters of and participants in DC-PAL
- discuss the draft of a public statements on Public Access in Libraries that evidences the value of ICT enhanced public libraries to development
- discuss the outcomes of the proposed workshop on Digital Inclusion submitted to IGF2012 (if accepted)
- discuss and agree a work programme (until IGF2013), including IGF regional and national workshops, advocacy campaigns, and technical support such as a website.