Open Government Partnership and IGF: reciprocal learning

08 November 2012 - A Other on Baku,Azerbaijan


The Open Government Partnership (OGP) was launched in 2011. With almost 60 member countries it is growing into a vibrant community on open government, transparency and accountability. Citizen participation and embracing the potential of new technology are two key pillars for achieving this, and this is where it coincides with key IGF topics such as access, openness and governance. Furthermore, the two platforms have similar thoughts on the strength of dynamic partnerships among stakeholders from the public and private spheres. IGF has dynamic coalitions and a animated annual meeting, OGP has in-country multi-stakeholder dynamics and a governance model that shares responsibility between civil society and governments. With IGF being in it’s 7th year, for PGP there is much to learn.
When: November 8, 14.30-16.00,
Where: Conference Room 9 at the  Baku Expo Exhibition and Convention Center
What: "OGP@IGF", an event to present the concept and progress of OGP to the global IGF crowd, learn from the rich experience of IGF as a multi-lateral and multi-stakeholder initiative, explore synergies **