Online child protection toolkits: preventing and prosecuting offenses related to child pornography

07 November 2012 - A Workshop on Baku,Azerbaijan


The workshop will focus on the Commonwealth Internet Governance Forum’s Online Child Protection toolkit which was launched in 2010 and compiled by John Carr. The toolkit was a collaboration of the CIGF, ITU and International Centre for Missing and Exploited children and is premised on the 6th edition of the Model Legislation for Child Protection. This provides recommendations of Best Practice with a focus on implementing legislation to effectively deal with offenses relating to child pornography. The workshop will focus on the updating of the commonwealth’s toolkit which will include the updated model legislation and will indicate possibilities for partnerships between different sectors, such as industry, civil society and government to form a complete strategy for online child protection. Presentations will be followed-up by a discussion exploring ways in which people can use the toolkit in their jurisdictions. As the resource is constantly being updated to keep up with the latest developments, we would like to use the opportunity to incorporate any new ideas presented by participants and audience that would improve the usefulness of this toolkit. We will be promoting our workshop at our events preceding the IGF such as the Legal Frameworks for ICTs Workshop, in June 2012, and at ICANN 44 in Prague, among others. We encourage participants at this event to take part in the proceedings remotely and physically if possible.
Chair: Lara Pace, COMNET Foundation
PART 1 – Welcome and Introductions

Chair’s Welcome and Background on the Toolkits – Lara Pace (5)
ICMEC developments – CW Countries – Sandra Marchenko (5)
John Carr (5)
IWF International and Practical Implementation – CIGF and IWF – Fred Langford (5)
Caribbean Perspectives – Online Child Protection in the Region – Tracy Hackshaw (5)
African Perspectives - Activities in the region – Alice Munyua (TBC) (5)
PART 2 – Panel Discussion (55)

How can the Commonwealth exploit these resources?
How can we expedite the take up of toolkits?
How can the toolkits support with Capacity Building?
Others questions as arise from the audience
Moderator: Lara Pace
Sandra Marchenko - ICMEC
John Carr – eNasco, CHIS
Fred Langford - IWF
Caribbean Perspective – Tracy Hackshaw
African Perspective – Alice Munyua (TBC)
PART 3 –Closing – Lara Pace (10)

Reiterate answers to the questions that came out of the discussion
Indicate where toolkits can be found and invite and encourage audience to use them