Measures and practices for promoting open knowledge environment (OKE) in developing countries

07 November 2012 - A Workshop on Baku,Azerbaijan


With the joint efforts of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and CODATA Task Group in Developing Counties, the Principles and Guidelines of OKE in developing counties were discussed at the IGF 2011. As the follow up action, discussion and debate, CAST and CODATA Task Group in Developing Counties will joint organize the IGF 2012 workshop focuses on promoting Open Knowledge Environment (OKE) in developing counties from the measure and practice dimensions. Panelists from China, Europe, Canada and CODATA, and remote panelists from South African, Japan, and Kenya will share experiences at the workshop. Cases on open-courses (open university) and training trainers will demonstrate progress of sharing knowledge resources from universities and professors. Cases on OKE supported by ICT and space technology for quick responses for disaster mitigation will provide experiences how OKE benefits society timely. Case on OKE for citizens from digital museum for environment will show how the joint action among the international organizations could work together with ICT and how these actions could benefit worldwide citizens. The issues of managing intellective properties in OKE, international cooperation on measures for joint actions and promoting OKE in developing countries will be presented at the workshop. Measures in practical dimensions of promoting OKE in developing counties will be discussed. These issues may include coherence knowledge management policies, ICT applications for opening diversity knowledge and multiple cultures, long term preservation and open access to digital knowledge, especially in the institutional level, OKE for yang generation and capacity buildings, the role of scientific associations in coordinating international cooperation and the joint actions. The OKE for/in/with the least-developed countries will be addressed as well.


Chair: GAO Xinmin
GAO Xinmin

Opening Remarks
LIU Chuang
Inclusive Methodology of Open Knowledge Environment on Geomuseum –
A Joint Effort from IGU-CODATA-GSC
TAO Xiaofeng
Cases on Open-courses from China's Universities
Open Knowledge for Economic and Social Growth
ZHOU Xiang
Knowledge and Cases of Earth Observation Application for Disaster Mitigation and Management
XUE Hong
Third Revision of Chinese Copyright Law and Open Access to Knowledge
William Drake
Discussions led by GAO Xinmin
Closing by GAO Xinmin