Internet Governance for Development

07 November 2012 - A Main Session on Baku,Azerbaijan


IG4D Thematic Cluster 1 "Pending Expansion of the Top Level Domain Space"

Question 1:How do various actors in the developing world - governments, industry groupings, the technical community, civil society-perceive the relative costs and benefits of expanding the domain name space to the end-user; Are there any issues on which greater clarification and mutual understanding would be helpful?

Question 2: What kinds of support may be required to help communities, NGOs and businesses from the developing world in bridging the potential inclusion gap of TLD space?

IG4D Thematic Cluster 2 "Enabling Environment"

Question 1: What does it take to attract investment in infrastructure and encourage innovation and growth of ICT services, including mobile technology and how can these technologies best be employed to address development challenges?

Question 2: What are the challenges and opportunities for the participation of ssamtakeholders in developing IG policy, legal and regulatory approaches?

IG4D Thematic Cluster 3 - "Infrastructure"

Question 1: What are the key concerns regarding Internet infrastructure from developing countries' experiences and how can new technologies and the Global Internet Governance mechanisms address limitations, offer opportunities and enable development?


Mr. Ismayil Alekberov, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Azerbaijan


Alice Munyua (Kenya), Chair, Kenya Internet Governance Steering committee, Government of Kenya, Africa, Government

Carlton Samuels (Jamaica)


Mr Brian Cute, CEO PIR, Technical Community, Confirmed

Ms Erika Mann, Managing Director of Facebook, Private Sector, Confirmed

Ms. Carolina Aguerre,General Manager, LACTLD, GRULAC, Technical Community, Confirmed

Mr. Philipp Grabensee, Chairman of the Board of Afilias, WEOG, Private Sector, Confirmed

Mr. Rohan Samarajiva, founding Chair and CEO of LIRNEasia, Asia Pacific, Civil Society, Confirmed

Mr. Toru Nakaya, Director-General, Institute for Information and Communications Policy, MIC Japan, Government, Confirmed

Mr. David Souter, IISD, Academia

Panelists: It is envisioned that the following panellists will introduce the following clusters

Cluster 1 : Brian Cute, Carolina Aguerre, Philipp Grabensee

Cluster 2: Erika Mann, Rohan Samarajiva, Nakaya-san

Cluster 3: Erika Mann, Rohan Samarajiva, Nakaya-san