iFreedom and cyber security in the balance

06 November 2012 - A Workshop on Baku,Azerbaijan


SO&P: Question 3: What risks do law enforcement, information suppression and surveillance have on security, privacy and openness and how can public and private sector cooperate to conform and observe human rights?

Concise Description of Workshop:

Companies and government institutions across the globe are increasingly under attack from hackers, criminals and hactivists, while non-democratic countries, governments increasingly turn to digital surveillance tools to monitor their citizens online. Human rights activists and NGO’s fight for fundamental rights on the web, including data protection, while Web 2.0 developers declare privacy as something of the 20th century . This workshop will look at the merit of these assumptions.
A forum discussion will be organized that brings people from these (seemingly) opposing constituencies together, to discuss the following key questions:

  • how exactly are the different concerns perceived?
  • where can parties find common ground?
  • what are common next steps to build on, and what action and by whom is necessary?

In general it is possible to identify three main lines of advocates:

  • Privacy advocates fighting for privacy in an online environment.
  • Law enforcement and security experts pointing to the constraints laid on their work by privacy legislation and norms in an international environment.
  • The Web 2.0 community propagating practically no restrictions to internet freedom .

Organiser(s) Name:

- ECP on behalf of the IGF-NL (ECP | Platform for the Information Society) wants to take barriers for the implementation and acceptance of ICT away to the benefit of our economy and society, and in order to strengthen our international competitive position. In addition, ECP (also at a political-governmental level) draws attention to a number of specific themes such as growth of productivity, strengthening of competitiveness and the European Digital Agenda. One of it programs is the public-private partnership NL IGF. NL IGF prepairs for the IGF and provides good embedding of the results of the IGF in national policy.
- Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & innovation
- Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs