Google: Broadband measurement and metrics for a sustainable Internet

08 November 2012 - A Workshop on Baku,Azerbaijan


The Internet has been a driver for economic development globally. To continue to maintain and grow the Internet as a force for economic and social development, it is essential to understand broadband networks. Without good data on network performance, regulators, industry leaders, and consumers are operating in the dark. They are unable to responsibly make the decisions that will ensure a sustainable, healthy Internet. Broadband networks are hugely complex, decentralized, and dynamic. Because of this, a clear understanding of network health requires new approaches from all stakeholders, and a new paradigm of collaboration between industry, academia, and government that can draw on the expertise of each to ensure that this complex and crucial resource is maintained, and that decisions are made based on sound, scientific data. During this workshop a diverse panel of stakeholders will examine the state of broadband measurement, data collection, and meaningful analysis. The themes discussed will range from the technical challenges of broadband measurement, to new regulatory approaches for using and communicating available data, to new models for consumer education and empowerment around broadband performance. Existing broadband measurement solutions will be discussed, along with ideas on the future of measurement and data-based understanding of network performance.