EURid/UNESCO World Report on IDN Deployment 2012 – opportunities and challenges associated with IDNs and online multilingualism

06 November 2012 - A Workshop on Baku,Azerbaijan


Question 7: How do language barriers impact access to the Internet? Question 8: What opportunities and challenges are presented

Concise Description of Workshop:
Following on from the EURid/UNESCO report "IDNs, State of Play" published in Q2 2011 and presented at the IGF 2011 workshop 69 in Nairobi, IGF 2011, the 2012 World Report on IDNs deployment has expanded the evidence base and will cover some of the IDNs experiences of Top Level Domains. We will hear from EURid, UNESCO, the European Commission, Internet service providers as well as end users about the opportunities and challenges of measuring and promoting multilingualism on the Internet. The workshop plans to talk about IDNs from the private sector angle too as well as civil society and international organisations working in this area. Invited speakers from geographically diverse regions and stakeholder groups will bring different perspectives on the experiences of IDN deployment, the role that IDNs play in fostering local language content, and opportunities and challenges following from lessons learned to date. We will ensure the broadest coverage of the topic by speakers from different worldwide regions, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Gender balance will be guaranteed among the panelists considering that many women have leading positions in IDN deployment and multilingualism.
Agenda of the workshop
Presentations (50 minutes), moderated by Emily Taylor, Emily Taylor Consultancy Ltd (Private sector – technical community, UK)
The 2012 IDN World Report, Giovanni Seppia, External Relations Manager, EURid (Technical Community, Europe) and Emily Taylor
UNESCO, multilingualism am IDNs, Janis Karklins, UNESCO (IGO)
IDN related technical issues at the architectural level, Vint Cerf (Private Sector - WEOG)
Encouraging the creation of local content in support of IDNs, Markus Kummer, ISOC (Technical Community)
IDN implementation for top-level domains, Baher Esmat, ICANN (Private sector - Africa)
Stimulating the adoption of IDN friendly registration policies, Anne Rachel Inne, AFRINIC (Private sector - Africa)
IDN ccTLD, the experience at the KRNIC (Korea Network Information Center ), Minjung Park, KRNIC (Private sector - Asia)

Open discussion (40 minutes), moderated by Emily Taylor, Emily Taylor Consultancy Ltd (Private sector – technical community, UK)

Backgroung Paper:
application/pdf iconInsightsreport-IDNStateofplay-15062011.pdf

Organiser(s) Name:
EURid – private sector, technical community UNESCO – IGO

Previous Workshop(s):
EURid’s Giovanni Seppia, currently Chair of the CENTR IGF Working Group, has co-organised ICANN and CENTR’s workshops at previous IGFs, including the ICANN workshop at the first IGF in Athens (2006), “Towards a multilingual global Internet” in cooperation with UNESCO and the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Egypt (NTRA). UNESCO has organised the following workshops at the IGF: 96. Economic Aspects of Local Content Creation and Local Internet Infrastructure Furthermore, the collaboration between EURid and UNESCO on IDNs 2011 was presented in workshop 69 at the 2011 IGF, organised by Dot-Nxt, Inc. 2006, “Towards a Multilingual Internet” Workshop 69, Nairobi 2011: Workshop 96, Nairobi 2011:

Submitted Workshop Panelists:
Giovanni Seppia, External Relations Manager, EURid (Technical Community, Europe), CONFIRMED
Markus Kummer, ISOC (Technical Community), CONFIRMED
Emily Taylor, Emily Taylor Consultancy Ltd (Private sector – technical community, UK), CONFIRMED
Baher Esmat, ICANN (Private sector - Africa), CONFIRMED
Anne Rachel Inne (Private sector - Africa), CONFIRMED
Vint Cerf (Private Sector - US), CONFIRMED
Minjung Park (Private sector - Asia) - CONFIRMED