Developing a national/regional framework of principles for Internet Governance

08 November 2012 - A Workshop on Baku,Azerbaijan


The workshop will address the idea of having a national or a regional framework of principles on Internet Governance as a mean to address internet issues. The framework can be a flexible approach suitable to address Internet related issues rather than using regulation measures and mechanisms. The workshop will focused around the following questions:• Is a framework of principles for internet governance is needed on national/regional levels and how it can plays a role in improving internet usage to all relevant stakeholders.• Can the framework of principles for internet governance replaces regulation on national or regional levels. In what areas related to IG it can be applied and in what other areas of IG regulation still will be the most suitable approach.• What type of process can be adopted to develop the national/regional framework of principles on Internet Governance. How can we ensure that this process will be inclusive and multistakeholder. What steps that should be included in this process.• In what ways consent on national level and regional level can be reached to adopt this framework and it ways or means can it be brought into effect.• Are their currently examples of national Internet Governance frameworks that can be used and followed as a best practice.