Cybersecurity that achieves privacy and civil liberties

08 November 2012 - A Workshop on Baku,Azerbaijan


This workshop will look at cybersecurity from a public policy perspective, including the synergistic relationship between cybersecurity, privacy and civil liberties by highlighting measures that achieve all three objectives. In many ways, privacy and civil liberties are enhanced by cybersecurity measures that protect networks and ensure the reliability, resiliency, and integrity of the Internet. The discussion with experts and participants in this workshop will look at the key issues and most significant policy challenges in cybersecurity including, among others:

  • National data access policies and cross border flow of personally-identifiable information (PII);
  • Implications of virtualization and cloud computing;
  • Threats and risks to the core Internet and domain name infrastructure;
  • Inter-jurisdictional harmonization;
  • How the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime Interacts with the techniques of contemporary cyber-criminals.

The panel will discuss policy principles in light on contemporary actors and issues like Anonymous, online activists in the Middle East and parts of Asia, the struggle between intellectual property protection efforts and technical innovation in legislative efforts in North America and Western Europe, and the internationalization of online criminals who “shop jurisdiction” by conducting their operations in different countries. The panel will also address how policymakers can recognize the work of all stakeholders to ensure the necessary environment to enable cybersecurity, privacy, and civil liberties to protect individuals as they utilize the dynamic and empowering medium that is the Internet. The workshop will address the mechanisms that already exist that provide for cybersecurity, privacy, and civil liberties and identify areas where more can be done by all stakeholders in their own domain and in collaboration with others. Speakers will represent the full spectrum of stakeholders in business, government, and the civil liberties community. The workshop will include remarks from experts from around the world with significant time for participant interaction and dialogue to ensure a truly informative discussion.