Aspects of identity

07 November 2012 - A Workshop on Baku,Azerbaijan


This workshop is intended to enable the exchange of ideas around various Aspects of Identity on the Internet, allowing the panel of identity experts from the Middle East, Asia and Western Europe, to interact with the participants with the aim of achieving some consensus on key aspects of identity use. Importantly this needs to cover the global or "borderless" perspectives of identity over the Internet.

The workshop is titled Aspects of Identity as it was at the IGF 2011 in Nairobi as it covers a number of different closely related topics. There are three objectives for this workshop:
1. To look at the governance of identity on the Internet and its impacts on security and privacy.
2. Look at the use of identity in commercialisation of the Internet with particular regard to legal frameworks and economic development.
3. To look at the balance between privacy and openness, in the context of user norms and behaviour, including how to protect the naïve from themselves, and how to enable better use of identity for access to information resources and online services.

This workshop focuses on registration of people onto Internet sites (and the protection of their personal data), either for obtaining identity credentials or for getting access to services. It does not cover access control, user authentication or any subsequent use for ongoing logon or authorisation systems.

It addresses aspects of three of the main theme questions and follows on from the workshop presented at IGF 2011, including the report (Aspects of Identity Yearbook 2011-12) and the presentations at the UK IGF, InfoSec 2012 and EEMA Identity Governance 2012 (links to these are provided below).