Accessibility and Disability

08 November 2012 - A Dynamic Coalition on Baku,Azerbaijan


The Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability meeting aims at facilitating the interaction and ensures that ICT accessibility is included in the key debates around Internet Governance Forum in 2012

Chairman: Peter Major, DCAD Co-coordinator
Remote moderator: Ginger Paque

Draft agenda of the meeting
1. Opening remarks and welcome
2. Approval of the Agenda
3. Review of the accessibility facilities at IGF
4. Review of the main session on Access and Diversity
5. Review of DCAD related activities at IGF
5.1 DCAD workshop: the sustainable benefits of inclusion of internet (Workshop 129): lessons learnt, feedback, how to bring it forward (7 November 2012)
5.2 Joint workshop of Diplo Foundation DCAD: Remote participation: reality and principles (Workshop no. 52) (9 November 2012)
6. Input from speakers and other DCAD members
7. Future activities of DCAD for next year
8. AOB
9. Closing