The DNS and Emerging Identifiers Including DOA

17 December 2017 - A Other on Geneve,Switzerland


Organization: ICANN

Title: The DNS and Emerging Identifiers (including DOA)


This dynamic and participatory Roundtable will include a number of Experts brought to together to discuss emerging identifier technologies and how these may play a role in the evolution we see taking place in the Internet, not least in the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IOT). 

The Session will give participants an opportunity to learn about how these systems work and discuss whether they’re relevant to the identifier System ICANN help coordinate. The Session will also include an overview of Digital Object Architecture (DOA) including the governance of its use, in contrast to that of the DNS. 

The Session will be led by David Conrad (the CTO of ICANN) and, as noted, include experts in different Identifier Technologies.