The Challenges of Digital Identity Management in the Era of Internet of Things (IOT)

17 December 2017 - A Other on Geneve,Switzerland


Organization: International Secure Electronic Transactions Organisation - OISTE

Title: The challenges of Digital Identity Management in the era of Internet of Things (IoT)


The Internet of Things opens new challenges for persons, companies, organisations and governments. What solutions are being proposed to ensure that objects that interact with each other will not be maliciously manipulated? What are the conditions to create a secure ecosystem where objects identify and authentify each other? What is the role played by the individual consumer? At what point on the production and distribution chanel operate companies offering cybersecurity solutions? What is the role played by governments? What are the responsibilities of the state vis a vis their citizens' security concerns? Do we need some kind of regulation? Do we need agreed international technical standards and protocols to create a secure technical environment?