Founding Meeting of a Dynamic Coalition on Schools of Internet Governance

17 December 2017 - A Other on Geneve,Switzerland


Organization: Medienstadt Leipzig e.V.

Title: Founding meeting of a Dynamic Coalition on Schools of Internet Governance


During the IGF in Guadalajara organisers of various Schools on Internet Governance (SIG) agreed to form a Dynamic Coalition on Internet Governance.

SIG enjoy the confidence of many Internet Governance institutions as the source for a high quality programmes about Internet Governance. So far the collaboration among the various SIGs is informal. SIG’s inspired each other and benefit from the lessons learned by others. 

After ten years of experiences the informal collaboration should continue more focused by establishing a flexible structure which would allow more synergies among the SIGs. A Dynamic Coalition SIG seems like a feasible format in this regard. 

The DC-SIG should serve as a platform to exchange experiences and good practices and to coordinate, where necessary, activities (inter alia, time tables and outreach activities). The DC-SIG should have a “Collaboration team” and a focal point for administrative matters. The Collaboration team should be composed by one representative from each regional / national SIG.

As a basis for this meeting we will set up a basic infrastructure (mailing list, web space) and a draft a work plan, mission statement and a proposal how to structure the DC.