Dynamic Coalition on Trade and the Internet

19 December 2017 - A Dynamic Coalition on Geneve,Switzerland


TITLE:  Dynamic Coalition on Trade and the Internet


1. Brief update on current state of play in trade and Internet governance, including presentation of the background paper that was finalized on December 4 (20 minutes).

Speakers: Jeremy Malcolm, EFF (on DC’s history, objectives, and demographics), Jyoti Panday, EFF (on background paper), Kelly Kim, Open Net Korea (on RCEP), Parminder Jeet Singh, IT for Change

2. Discussion and adoption of the draft resolution on transparency (20 minutes).

Speakers: TBC

3. Discussion on priorities and work program for 2018 (20 minutes).

Speakers: William  Drake, U. Zurich (on initiatives to link trade and IG communities & discussions)

BACKGROUND PAPER [LINK]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zxlSbR_JO6rra7jmDupU315UkJc6ThJN-3Hx0iGCv7Y/edit?ts=594bee28#heading=h.ali7pcrzpkkc

 Jeremy Malcolm

Electronic Frontier Foundation