10 Years of Internet Governance from the SSIG Perspective

17 December 2017 - A Other on Geneve,Switzerland


Organization: South School on Internet Governance - SSIG

Title: SSIG book "Internet Governance in the Americas"


By the time of its 10th anniversary in 2018, the South School on Internet Governance will publish the book "Internet Governance in the Americas"

The book will be edited by Dr. Luca Belli from the Getulio Vargas Foundation and by Dr. Olga Cavalli, Academic Director of the South School on Internet Governance.

It will cover different issues of interst related with Internet Governance with a focus in the Americas, and based on the dialogues held in the SSIG during its ten years of history.

Authors of the book are prestigious experts from the region. Some of them will join us during this session, they are:

Agustin Garzon,   Argentina 
Beatriz Lopez,   Brazil 
Belisario Contreras,   Colombia 
Benedicto Fonseca,   Brazil 
Bruno Ramos,   Brazil 
Carlos Alvarez,   Colombia 
Caterine Garcia,   Peru / Netherlands 
Christoph Steck,   España 
Claudio Lopez,   Brazil 
Claudio Lucena,   Brazil 
Edison Lanza,   Uruguay 
Eduardo Molina, Quiroga Argentina 
Gonzalo Navarro,   Chile 
Horacio Azzolin,   Argentina 
Humberto Carrasco,    Chile 
Jorge Vega Iracelay,   Argentina 
Julio Cesar Vega Gomez,   México 
Lacier Dias,   Brazil 
Larry Strickling,   USA 
Marcos Salt,   Argentina 
Margarita Valdés,   Chile 
Maryleana Mendez,   Costa Rica 
Oscar Messano,   Argentina 
Oscar Robles,   Mexico 
Thiago Tavares,   Brazil 
Pablo Rodriguez, Puerto Rico 
Vanda Scartezzini, Brazil 
Vanessa Fusco,   Brazil
Luca Belli,   Brazil / Italy 
Demi Getschko,   Brazil 
Peter Knight,   Brazil 
Danilo Doneda,   Brazil 
Eduardo Magrani,   Brazil

This session will also invite the Internet community to be informed about the location of the SSIG 2018, the call for applications and other important announcements in this regard.

All SSIG fellows are welcome to join us in this session and share stories and experiences from the South School on Internet Governance.